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Home Stretch

At Modern Anthology, they don't sell no damn potpourri

Modern Anthology

A man’s home is his castle. Or at least it’s supposed to be. Sometimes a man’s home winds up being his lady’s castle, protected by the valiant Knights of the Potpourri Table.

Here to give your pad some manly (and yet lady-friendly) churching up: John Marsala and Becka Citron of Modern Anthology.

Modern Anthology is a DUMBO shop of curios so well-curated that J.Crew designers make pilgrimages just for inspiration.

A quick browse reveals everything from dressers built from reclaimed railroad ties to an antique chinchilla diorama.

Marsala and Citron also offer home makeovers, complete with in-home consultations and “concept boards” to get your digs outfitted with bespoke furniture, vintage knickknacks and custom wallpaper.

Or, you can DIY from home with their just-launched online store – whether you’re looking for a handsome couch of tufted leather and a '70s nudie mag to read on it, or just a patriotic wool blanket to throw over the couch you’ve already got.

It’s your castle.



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