The Original Yellowstone Tour Bus Is Refurbished and Up for Sale

Three words: Removable leather roof

By Athena Wisotsky

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17 August 2017

In a year when our National Parks and Ma Nature in general have been on the defensive, it feels good to see a piece of history from a time when the public held them in higher esteem.

The Kesey-an rig you see above is the original White Motor Company 1937 tour bus that visitors to Yellowstone, our first national park, would pile into for what must have been a truly bouncy ride around the grounds. 

Yellowstone bus (7 images)

Right now, the Sotheby’s listing is light on specs and advises to check back. But here’s what we know: it’s from 1937, so you better be handy with a wrench under the hood. That said, it is fully restored, including the leather roof, which is removable (how badass is that?).

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