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Get Grilled

A few ways to up your summer grilling game


Solstices be damned: Memorial Day is the real beginning of summer, when you’re given license to cook big meats in the great outdoors. Or at least the great backyard.

Kalamazoo Gourmet

$9995 and up   

Your Grill

Charcoal? Gas? Wood? Why not all three?! The Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill, available as both a freestanding and built-in unit, works with any fuel combo and blasts out 25,000 BTUs of gas power per burner. Comes with laser-cut stainless steel grates. Sadly, does not come with actual lasers.

Nota Bene: try the folding, switchblade-style steel and wood utensil set from Plow & Hearth and bendable Fire Wire grilling skewers that give you twice the meat to grill.

Bunn Gourmet


Your Steaks

A steak fit for a president. Founded in 1840, Bunn counts Abraham Lincoln as an early fan. Although better known today as a coffee company, their gourmet food line features an abundance of Black Angus treats, from fillets to boneless ribeyes to steak burgers and Black Angus hot dogs (plus a line of veal, lamb and spare ribs).

The Broadmoor BBQ University

$1996.50 per person
June 5-8, June 9-12

Your Lessons

For BBQing further afield, The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs offers a three-day BBQ University in June, in which Steven Raichlen (Primal GrillBarbecue University) leads classes like “Exploration of Pork Shoulder,” with preparations inspired by South Carolina, Sicily and Saarbrücken. 



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