A 500m 'Temple of Doom' Bridge Just Opened on a Swiss Hiking Trail

Don't look down. (It's 28 stories.)

By Diane Rommel

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31 July 2017

If you're going to cross the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, do it in a country with a name literally synonymous with high quality and attention to engineering detail: Switzerland.

The new bridge is part of a two-day hike between the Swiss mountain towns of Grächen and Zermatt, home of the picturesque Matterhorn; it replaces a previous bridge across the ravine that was put out of use after being damaged by rock fall. Of course, to cross it, you can't be chicken: It's an insane 25.6 inches wide, 1,620 feet long and 28 stories above ground. 

Ready for the challenge? It's open now, so book your tickets to Switzerland — and consider staying in one of the country's many super-rural alpine cabins, now easily bookable via the tourism department's website, for as little as $175 a week. 

Main image courtesy Zermatt Matterhorn

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