Steak. It’s what’s for Labor Day. And these steaks will arrive in time if you order posthaste.

  • Lobel's of New York

    Overnight shipping starts at $26.95

    Lobel's of New York

    Dry-aging. Gentlemen will disagree, but we submit that it’s generally better. More complex. Especially when considering fatty cuts like ribeyes. You get a more buttery, “beefier” taste (as opposed to bloodier). And for dry-aged, you want Lobel’s. The NYC institution dry-ages their USDA prime meats up to six weeks. Grab their bone-in filet mignon. Meat is shipped FedEx Priority Overnight in vacuum-sealed packages. In other words: it arrives fresh.

  • Creekstone Farms

    Expedited overnight shipping $49.99

    Creekstone Farms

    A Kansas-based supplier to the big names in steak (think Pat LaFrieda), Creekstone bases their beef ethos on two things: America (all cattle born and bred here) and good, verifiably Black Angus genes. We suggest their premium steak package, featuring a filet, ribeye and porterhouse. Bonus for BBQ fans: brisket, ribs and tri-tips.

  • Fossil Farms

    $20 shipping + $1.55 per lb.

    Fossil Farms

    Besides offering a delicious array of burgers, sausage and Piedmontese beef steaks (AKA Italian cattle raised on U.S. ranches), the New Jersey-based Fossil Farms features some truly exotic game: antelope, buffalo, duck, emu, kangaroo, ostrich (their specialty), rattlesnake and yak (try a sampler!). All natural, all farm-raised meats. If ordered today, delivery will take a maximum of 48 hours.