This Corvette Is the Flame That Burns in the Statue of Liberty


By Shari Gab

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11 July 2017

If you can't tell from looking (and serious racing history buffs might be able to) this ‘Vette is a tribute to the late John Greenwood of Michigan. A legend in his own right, Greenwood was a renowned wrencher who got into racing on a dare … from his wife. It’s true. When most partners are pulling at their husband's collars to stay off the track, she nudged him toward it.

And his track record went from small local races all the way to Le Mans.

Flag Vette (8 images)

Of his glorious builds, the B.F. Goodrich (BFG) “Stars and Stripes” racers #48, #49, and #50 from ‘71 to ‘73 are real dazzlers. The cars are fairly indistinguishable to the untrained eye, but have a few slight race modifications here and there. This ride is a tribute to those three cars, but uses a lot of the same parts Greenwood would have used in his builds, in particular, is sitting on BFG’s “Lifesaver” radial street tire. And the traction on it does just that courtesy of a 5-lug bolt pattern for extra grip.

This tribute is integrated with many of Greenwood’s original parts from the ZL1 L88 engine to the livery, though the interior has been altered from the original. All in all, it’s a stunning representation of a man with three awesome rides and an impressive race history.

Greenwood, we salute you.

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