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One for the Road

You're going on safari with Epic Road

Epic Road

Ah, the safari. Socratic ideal of adventure travel. Also humorously redolent of Victorian excess.

To wit: one of our editors had a hardscrabble grandfather who, during benders, would don a Panama hat, adopt a British accent and attempt to kidnap other relatives for “treks into the bugga-bush!”

True story.

So is this: there’s a company called Epic Road that’ll take you on safari – Panama hat included – but also help you support conservation and charitable causes in the process.

Started by a band of globetrotting philanthropists, ER offers “transformative travel” safaris around Africa and the Arctic, AKA five-star vacays with a soul.

Epic Road

The trips are pretty sweet: think safaris to Kenyan savannahs, a beach stay in Mozambique or hot-air ballooning across the Serengeti.

Prefer adventure? Go bow-and-arrow hunting with a Hadzabe tribe. Take a narwhal and polar bear safari in the Arctic. Mountain bike amongst giraffe.

Even the do-gooding part is fun. You’ll meet local tribes, become educated about climate change and maybe geo-tag a shark (for science!)

While Epic develops the itinerary, they promise their trips are “100% customizable.”

But why give up the chance to, say, lounge with some endangered mountain gorillas in a volcano?

It’ll do you — and the world — some good.

(All images courtesy of Singita)



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