14 Sunglasses That'll Make People Say, 'Hey, Look, It's That Famous Guy'

'It's five bucks for an autograph, kid.'

By Alex Lauer

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17 May 2017

Let's start with a couple things you already know:

1. Sunglasses are an everyday essential in the summer. And 2. When your plans involve floating down a river on a tube — or some other accident-prone activity — you leave your best pair at home.

The problem: This can lead to some guys ending up with a collection of throwaway sunnies that don’t do any favors for your style or your eyeballs.

Herein, we’ve compiled the sunglasses that’ll do nicely at your endless summer shindigs — from weddings to golfing to boating, even river tubing if you’re a devil-may-care type.

But once you pick out new shades, please throw away that novelty glow-in-the-dark pair, OK? Kidding. Throw them away.

GLCO Nick Wooster Harding
A collaboration with Nick Wooster and inspired by playwright Arthur Miller, the blend of retro and modern brought by the collaborators translates into a timeless (but limited-edition) set. $340. BUY THEM HERE

RAEN Remmy 49
A perennial favorite, partly for the slick design, partly because the quality matches the story: handmade in a small family-operated factory in France. $225. BUY THEM HERE

MOSCOT x Freemans Sporting Club Lemtosh Fold
Take liberties with traditional eyewear design, and you’re liable to go gauche. This pair is a spirited exception, staying sophisticated no matter which way you fold them, and holding up thanks to sturdy frames and reinforced magnets. Only 50 available. $400. BUY THEM HERE

Vuarnet Glacier 1957
Released for Vuarnet’s 60th anniversary, these are a limited-edition version of their Glacier design, worn by none other than James Bond. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself on a mountaintop, so be prepared. $600. BUY THEM HERE

AETHER x SALT. Explorer
All three colorways of this limited-edition collaboration are equally striking: honey gold frames with brown windshields, black frames with blue lenses or silver with black lenses. Built for the motorcyclist, but prime no matter what high-speed antics the warmer weather brings. $600. BUY THEM HERE

Norton Point Tide
Every year eight million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean. Norton Point collects that pollution and turns it into UV protection. $129. BUY THEM HERE

Porsche Design P’8478
A reproduction of their classic 1978 aviators with 21st century materials. If you like the silhouette, but want to change lenses for different conditions, try the P’8678. $500. BUY THEM HERE

Warby Parker Downing
The most economical set on this list — aided by Warby Parker’s promise to replace your scratched lenses for free in the first year — but not lacking in verve with the hickory crystal frames and mirrored bronze lenses. $95. BUY THEM HERE

Vilebrequin Gold Mirror
These are not for every man and certainly not for every occasion. But if you find yourself in Saint-Tropez, where Vilebrequin was founded, or some other coastal locale, go gold. $295. BUY THEM HERE

Eyevan 7285 Model 747
A minimalist metal number from Japan. The silver mirrored flat lenses and outlined temples put you somewhere between John Lennon and mad scientist, in the best way possible. $530. BUY THEM HERE

SALT. Burkhart
Here’s how you do ‘80s-inspiration without going full Miami Vice on your face. And with 100% polarization, they’re prepared to go as far south as your summer plans demand. BUY THEM HERE

Sunspel x Cubitts Cavendish
The “hockey end,” saddle bridge and thick black frames make for a mundane description. In practice? Simple and sharp. $285. BUY THEM HERE

Component C-0786
Got a boat? Because these are definitely leave-on-your-boat sunglasses. Don’t set sail without ‘em. $285. BUY THEM HERE

Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin
Undoubtedly the only pair of sunnies you’ll wear named after a pope (Pope Zephyrinus, to be exact). Think of them as the black wayfarer’s sophisticated cousin: your new go-to set, with enough finesse that no one will take you for a hipster. $495. BUY THEM HERE

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